I am a classical Pilates trainer, acupuncturist, certified ELDOA trainer and ELDOA educational instructor. I am a student of Guy VOYER's SOMA Training, SOMA Therapy and Pelviology programs and I am also currently attending Heilpraktiker Schule. 

I love studying the human body and exploring it through movement is one of my favorite ways of learning! 

Whether you believe that the physical body is a temple or a cage (I personally oscillate between the two), I have found that developing an intimacy with it is paramount to reach the desired goal of nourishing it, decorating it or transcending it.  I will not speak to morality or lifestyle choices, but I can get rather technical in regards to movement. 


Classes with me can be both physically and mentally challenging, but highly rewarding. Classes are suitable for all levels (with the exception of advanced Pilates mat) and progressive variations of each exercise are given. My goal is to ensure that the experience is safe and that you get to choose your own adventure.

Please email me with any questions, comments or feedback!

Sarah  -  info@authenticbodycontrol.com