Yoga has been a long love affair for me and I am excited to share this love with you. I was born in Bavaria, left Germany after school and after a pit stop in Barcelona I ended up in NY where I stumbled into my first yoga class in 2006. As a New Yorker, always busy, trying to survive in this crazy city, it took me a while to allow Yoga to really get to me, slowing me down, grounding me and allowing me to be vulnerable.

My practice became my anchor, my lifeline that tethered me to the ground, so I wouldn't get lost in the New York hustle. 

And even if Berlin is way calmer it still is! helping me through the insecurities of freelance life, calming my worrying mind. 

I still can’t kick a lot of my habits, I am and will always be a person, to whom slowing down doesn't come easy, but Yoga made me the best version of myself that I can be in this very moment. Yoga taught me to be gentle and nice to myself, to silence my critical mind that is constantly judging and to allow myself to try and fail. I love exploring and getting to know my body through movement and a strong practice. you will be surprised what your body is able to do! I understand my classes as a celebration of the body - no matter shapes and sizes- as this amazing tool that you are given! 


I moved to Berlin in 2014 and met Victoria as one of the first yoga teachers I was drawn to here. I did my teacher training in Thailand in 2017 and a mentorship program with Victoria in 2018 and have been teaching with SMK since then.