We are Carrie, Eva, Sarah and Victoria. We come from different backgrounds, countries and we have distinct areas of interest and expertise.

What we have in common is that we are feminist and badass and believe in the power of breath, movement and meditation to support you and us on our life journeys.


Together as a Kollektiv we offer awesome, authentic and real movement practices like yoga, Pilates, ELDOA and Myofascial stretching. And also mind-mending techniques like meditation and breath work.  And we all have great taste in music (at least that’s what they say:)!


We are here to help you help yourself. We want to help you stay sane and strong. We want to help you steer clear of chronic pain and injuries. We want you to feel clear and grounded, so that you can be a better, brighter and more fulfilled presence in the world.

Our promise to you is to not make ludicrous promises. We won’t be offering a ‘life-changing’ or ‘transforming’ workshop. We won’t be selling you any quick fixes, or anything you don’t need. We don’t believe in shortcuts. Change and transformation takes time and sustained effort.

You are your own guru. And we are your cheerleaders.


We believe that these practices should be available to all people and all bodies. We aim to see, and to encourage more diversity of voices, more practitioners from all walks of life; all shapes, shades, genders, colors and ages.

We strive to offer our teachings with heart and humility, with grace as well as a sense of humor. We recognize that all of us remain eternal students, still learning and growing and doing our best to be inclusive, sensitive and kind.



Carrie’s rich life path has taken her to Boston, Brooklyn, Bali and Berlin, during which she has practiced and trained with many teachers of many traditions. While delivering  deep and soulful flows to the backdrop of curated soundtracks, she manages to weave in practical and relatable teachings on how yoga philosophy can be applied in our daily lives. When she’s not teaching yoga, she’s a vegan entrepreneur.

Read more about Carrie here.


Eva is our queen of sweaty. You want a strong flow, look no further. Eva’s all about reclaiming the body through movement and strength. She also puts a lot of thought into clever sequencing and transitions. Eva is also an acclaimed fashion photographer as well as a Thai Boxer. Mega badass.

Read more about Eva here.



Sarah is the SMK anatomy expert. She spends every dollar she earns on furthering her knowledge of the incredibly extraordinary machine that is the body. And it’s paying off! She can make you feel and isolate even the tiniest muscle. And she will teach you about proprioception, which is kind of the body’s sixth sense. How badass is that?

Learn more about Sarah here.


Victoria’s teachings are informed by her own training in both Vipassana meditation and western psychology. This means she’s always investigating and exploring. She’s also great at bringing you back to how it feels right now. She’s a novelist and used to play bass and sing in a post-punk band. She’s currently training to becoming a Reiki master.

Get to know more about Victoria here.



Community is extremely important. Especially when the going gets tough (which it tends to do). We strive to cultivating that. We want to know your names. To track your progress. To rejoice when your injuries heal. To be there for a high five when you nail that thing you’ve been working on.


We are totally indie/DIY, meaning we do nearly everything ourselves: website, social media, graphic design, playlists etc. That also means we aren’t getting rich from doing this. We strive to be free from platform capitalism one day. We’d appreciate you joining or at least supporting us in that fight.

We always try to give back, by raising awareness and funds for hand-picked charitable causes at least once a year.


We feel both honored and privileged to be able to teach movement and meditation to an awesome community - which YOU are to us.

Thank you for building this with us!


We are Swanmountain Kollektiv – Serving Sanity since 2020